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things are not well with me at the moment. i can’t be here for a while.

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“I don’t wanna be me anymore.”

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Is it wrong that I imagine pecans as tiny little roasted human brains to be munched on?

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HMM. There is a preview screening of Only Lovers Left Alive on the 1st of April in NYC. sadly i don’t think i can get out of work early enough to make it. But it does open on the 11th next month.

Need new shades now.

Overcoming the massive urge to bash one’s head on the keyboard on one’s desk. Just to end this torment of work and die.

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Oh my gods. I have to train humans at my job. Why the FUCK am I fucking reliable and efficient at work yet my life is a wreck? :P

Poem III

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just guys


I’m no fan of katy perry but what he does to her song is amazing.

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i’m a hopeless Romantic. walk with me in the graveyards of gothic cathedrals, transcend the confines of elitist and rationalistic structures of discourse, and join me in an eternal spiritual quest for the strange and sublime.

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