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Text Post Mon, Sep. 22, 2014 1 note

People at my work were actually surprised that i showed a bit of leg today. Why? I’ve worn dresses and skirts before.

Though it was a bit chilly today. But i did have on hose! That should account for something!

I keep seeing more people following me. Who are you cand why do you insist i am interesting? I’m a nobody!

Yea it’s late in the day to head over to nyc but i’m lazy today. Even though I have a shit load of things to get done.

Video Post Sat, Sep. 20, 2014 12 notes


An image of me, rather destroyed.

My art.

'Never Never Never Never Never'  and 'licking at my skull when stirred'

Audio PostSat, Sep. 20, 2014 2 notes

Title: A Question of Lust Artist: Depeche Mode 8 plays

maybe i’ll have someone to play this for. 


Video Post Sat, Sep. 20, 2014 1,064 notes


Paolo Troilo is a self-taught artist currently based out of Milan, Italy who began drawing at the age of 4 and has not stop since then. Happy Friday everybody! Hopefully after the weekend, I’ll look and feel like Troilo’s paintings hovering over my toile

(Source: f-l-e-u-r-d-e-l-y-s, via dyspnoeic)

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Donato Giancola The Golden RoseOil on paper mounted on panel-200791.44 x 121.92 cm(36” x 3’ 12”)Private collection

I’ve been staring at this for twenty minutes.



Donato Giancola 
The Golden Rose
Oil on paper mounted on panel
91.44 x 121.92 cm
(36” x 3’ 12”)
Private collection

I’ve been staring at this for twenty minutes.

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