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“You know this is something that really makes me sick. All my idols in rock ‘n’ roll have all been male. And me going out and being an overtly sexy female and doing what I feel and what every male performer has done for years, like straight eroticism…Our record company the only pictures they are interested in are with my tits…I’m proud of my body…but there’s more much more to The Plasmatics than my body…My body is just part of my whole attitude…Its that censorship thing, that male thing that chauvinistic attitude. They have all these roles women are supposed to play. Women are supposed to be barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen. Women onstage are supposed to be almost asexual, a prude. Its bullshit and it really infuriates me. In the front of our shows there’s always lots of girls…Girls like having a female out there doing all this stuff…its about time they had someone to relate to who’s not afraid to be a woman stepping out and doing my thing and not being inhibited.”

 Wendy O’Williams, 1981 


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why isn’t there more of this woman on tumblr?

why isn’t there more of this woman on tumblr?

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i must be the only nerp in my town to actually carry around a baggie of cat snacks. i had it in my head that if i went around and gave some out to the strays i see that all of the cats in town would like me and i’d be some uber cat lady or something without the hairball problem at home.

seemed easier than snatching all of the little wee doggies up and hugging them with their owners calling the cops on me and screaming.

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“The thing about isolation and solitude is that as undesirable as it is, very soon it becomes your safety net. You’ve learnt how to survive on your own, but you’ve forgotten how to live with others.”

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it’s monday, well… almost tuesday.. and here i am figuring out what i need/want to do for saturday. maybe go into nyc and do some supply shopping, skulking about, scaring people

WHY am i eating a bag of fritos flavor twisted honey bbq corn chips on my bus ride home from work???!!!!

Sigh. Now my workout must be twice as long tonight.

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Now i need a kitten. Why must they grow up?

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shinygamergirl said: I’m sorry your plans got cancelled sweetling. But on the bright side you look absolutely fabulous c:

Thank you kindly. Though I hardly think I look at all fabulous.

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yea, ok. it’s midnight. guess i’ll just lie here until morning and go to work. 

yea, ok. it’s midnight. guess i’ll just lie here until morning and go to work. 

depressed/lonely persons should NOT be in places such as this

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